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Friday, 05 October 2012

Godaddy Hosting Coupon 2013

Godaddy Introduction

Godaddy is enormous! – Do you know that Godaddy represents the largest web hosting firms on the planet? Surely, Godaddy was not an overnight success, and they spent countless of years building revolutionary technology that enables them to be the leader in the web hosting field.

In fact, Godaddy was the very first that developed something called cloud web hosting technology, and this particular technology became the benchmark across other web hosting service providers. Generally, cloud web hosting enables web users to maximize their web server usage potential – or to simply put it, using web servers without resource limitations!

What makes Godaddy cloud web hosting technology rather superior is the fact that the cloud web hosting pools the resources from several thousands web hosting servers together, and making this resources available to the user – which means they can use UNLIMITED resources, without having to worry about overusing their allocated quota.

godaddy web hosting solutions

My Personal Experience and Testimonial in Using Godaddy Hosting Services

Quite frankly speaking, Godaddy was my very first web hosting service provider, and I have been using them for the past 7 years now!

Overall, I can testify that Godaddy does provide reliable and dependable web hosting services throughout the entire 7 years of usage.

I know, I know – you must have read somewhere on the internet about ‘Shocking Godaddy Usage Experiences’ from other Godaddy users. I don’t deny that Godaddy does encounter problems at times, but most importantly, these problems were promptly solved automatically!

Let’s face it – nothing is perfect and NO WEB HOSTING SERVERS IN THE WORLD CAN OPERATE AT 100% EFFICIENCY!

Even the best web hosting servers would have some downtime during its lifespan, and just like most web servers out there, Godaddy does encounter minimal downtime over the course of the year.

Take this for example – I’m sure 99% of us own a personal computer.

Let me ask you this – how often does your computer breakdown?

Virus outbreak?

Software malfunction giving you errors?

Windows errors?

Application errors?

I’m sure all the above mentioned scenarios are common computer problems. And just like any ordinary computers out there, Godaddy servers do encounter these problems occasionally.

But most importantly – when you encounter computer problems, what do you do? I’m sure most of us would troubleshoot the problem ourselves, and when we can’t solve the problem, we’ll call the technician to solve it for us. Often, the technician would reformat our computer to return it to its original operating state, as clearly, there are several million files on our computer, and it’s impossible to check every file for errors.

The point here is this – getting the computer problem fixed, and promptly too!

Surely, I don’t deny that Godaddy servers are not 100% problematic free, but I do know this – Godaddy has a dedicated technical crew that monitor their servers on a 24/7 basis, and 7 days a week too!

In fact, whenever I encounter problems with my servers, I would resort to their technical support team by creating a support ticket. Normally, the ticket would be resolved within several hours after submitting, which is a pretty good response time, if you ask me. My other experience with other web hosting service providers, in which some would require several days to respond to my support ticket! (Now that’s bad, don’t you think so?)

If you ask me again and again – I’ll still answer you the same – I would definitely recommend you to use Godaddy’s web hosting services! I have been a loyal user for 7 years now, and the 7 years have been extremely wonderful with Godaddy.

Godaddy Web Hosting Services

Godaddy provides several web hosting options, namely,

1) Shared Web Hosting
2) Virtual Dedicated Servers
3) Cloud Web Hosting
4) Dedicated Servers

Shared Web Hosting

godaddy shared web hostingFor starters, I would definitely recommend you to start out with their shared web hosting services. This is the most basic web hosting service available on their list of services, and naturally, the shared web hosting is enough, in which it can meet most of your hosting requirements.

To tell you the truth, I host over 60 domains over my shared web hosting account, and here’s my resource usage breakdown,

1) I store over 10GB of files on the web hosting server, hosting over 250,000 individual files

2) My 60 websites consume over 350GB of bandwidth monthly

3) I have created over 230 MySQL databases on my web hosting account

4) I manage over 90 email addresses – consists of sub-emails too

5) I have over 10 FTP accounts too

Over the course of 7 years, I did not encounter ANY PROBLEMS related to my resource usage. Godaddy has not emailed me that I have exceeded my allocated resource quota – I subscribed to their UNLIMITED web hosting package, which provides UNLIMITED resource quota.

Now that is a truly UNLIMITED web hosting package, don’t you agree?!

Well, the same can’t be said for Hostgator – I used their web hosting services for 5 years now, and over the course of 5 years, Hostgator constantly nags me over my resource over consumption. They will send me an email detailing that they have locked my database and access to my websites, as my websites were found to consume an exorbitant amount of resources. Although Hostgator mentioned that this is an UNLIMITED web hosting package, surely, the resource limitations do not imply it is a 100% UNLIMITED web hosting at all!

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Of course, if you require more control over your web hosting account, then you should probably take a closer look at Godaddy’s virtual dedicated servers then. Although Godaddy name their virtual dedicated servers rather differently, I can confirm that this is similar to the virtual private servers or VPS hosting package.

What makes the VDS rather enticing is the price point of view. Based on my research, Godaddy’s VDS is one of the cheapest in the market – after you increase your savings by applying the right coupon (you can find the coupon codes at the middle of the page).

For instance, a VDS with 1GB of RAM would only cost you below $25! That’s really unheard of!

Cloud Web Hosting

Just like shared web hosting cloud web hosting offers similar web hosting experience, except for the fact that a fixed amount of server resources would be dedicated to your web hosting account instead. With a fixed amount of server resources, this gives your site priority over the resources. This is important as I’m sure websites encounter a short burst of traffic over certain periods of time. And when this burst happens, the website will consume additional resources. Having a fixed amount of resources allocated to your hosting account would guarantee access to the resources, thus improving the overall response rate during the burst.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are superior web hosting solutions. If you operate a website that generates in excess of 1 million page views per day, you’ll definitely require a dedicated web server for your website.

And just like the VDS options, Godaddy dedicated servers are also priced rather competitively. In fact, you can get a dedicated server for just $99.99 per month, and the dedicated server is allocated 2 cores and 2GB RAM.

Surely, if you require more dedicated server resources, I’m pretty sure you’ll find Godaddy’s dedicated servers rather resourceful for your web hosting needs.

godaddy domain couponsDomain Names

Also, Godaddy is the largest domain name registrars on the internet. Godaddy currently holds over 45 million domain names under their belt, which is the largest registrar online!

Also, Godaddy allows you to register a huge list of domain name extensions too, something which other domain name registrars lack of.


If you ask me again and again – I’d answer you with the same answers – Godaddy is indeed the best web hosting service providers in the market!

Let me remind you again – I’ve been using Godaddy for the past 7 years now, and I’m loving my entire web hosting experience with the company.

Over the course of 7 years, I have met minimal web hosting disruptions, and the downtime is very minimal too! And whenever I encounter some problems or issues related to my web hosting package, I would create a technical support ticket which would address my concerns within several hours of creating and submitting the ticket.

Furthermore, I can virtually use UNLIMITED resources on my shared web hosting account. Unlike other web hosting companies that offer UNLIMITED web hosting packages, these other web hosting providers do limit your resource usage, and they will resort into blocking your access to your websites, whenever you exceed the resource usage.

With Godaddy, you don’t have to worry about this at all!

I would definitely recommend Godaddy – 100% recommend web hosting provider!

Godaddy Coupon

Thus if you are convinced that Godaddy can meet your web hosting expectations, be sure to extend your savings by using the right Godaddy coupon on your purchase.

I’ve already prepared a list of Godaddy coupon that you can use on your purchase – all you need to do is to scroll to the middle of the page and use the coupon codes that I have embedded there.

It’s really easy to use the coupons – just pick a coupon code that matches your type of purchase, and once clicked, the coupon code would be copied into your clipboard. Paste the coupon code into the appropriate coupon slot, and your savings would be shown on the purchase total – simple right?!

Go ahead and save more money on your Godaddy purchases! I’m sure the savings would definitely be beneficial to you!

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