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Kaspersky Coupon
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Friday, 05 October 2012
There internet is not a safe place – although there are so many safety measures deployed online to deter security breaches, viruses, Trojan horses and the likes have found many loopholes to continue infecting unsuspecting users.

One of the most effective ways to deter such online threats is to install an appropriate antivirus or internet security tool on your PC. Generally, there are the paid security tools and the free security tools – each with its own pros and cons.

Personally, I would definitely recommend you to use a paid computer security tool, as based on my personal experience, I find such tools to be superior when compared to a free version. Although the free version does provide the basic protection features – the internet is extremely fast-changing, making such tools rather vulnerable to computer security attacks. The paid security software, on the other hand, is often updated with the latest virus databases, giving it the upper hand in detecting the latest online threats that are prowling online.

Kaspersky Internet SecurityOne of my favorite internet security tools is none other than Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security. Basically, Kaspersky Internet Security incorporates the antivirus module – thus purchasing the Internet Security suite will get you covered from viruses or other malware.

To tell you the truth, I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for 5 years now, and basically, the 5 years have been a wonderful year. I have not reformatted my computer for 5 years now, mainly because I don’t need to, as I have so little security breaches, it makes such exercise rather obsolete. Don’t you just hate it whenever a virus or a malware infects your computer, and you had no choice but to reformat your computer as your security software just isn’t capable enough to restore your computer to its original state?

My Personal Experience in Using Kaspersky Internet Security

Surely, if you are searching for a versatile Internet Security software that can provide all the necessary protection against the latest computer security threats, you can’t go wrong with Kaspersky Internet Security!

Like I have mentioned earlier, Kaspersky is an extremely versatile computer security software – it combines several computer security components to deliver a superior security solution to consumers like you and I.

Antivirus Component

First up is Kaspersky Internet Security’s antivirus component. Generally, when you purchase Kaspersky Internet Security, this automatically comes with the Antivirus component, in which the component has the capability to detect and nullify top security threats found in your system.

What makes Kaspersky Antivirus rather superior is the fact that its virus database, the core of the component, is updated several times on a daily basis. Whenever it gets updates, the Antivirus will be equipped with the means to detect the latest computer threats out there – so that you will stay protected from these malicious attacks.

Also, the antivirus database is automatically updated – so that you don’t have to lift a finger to get it updated at all! Apparently, there’s also a scheduler that you can use to schedule the updates, so that whenever Kaspersky updates itself, you won’t experience disruptions to your current work.

Based on my personal experience, Kaspersky Antivirus has a whopping 99.99% detection rate – one of the highest detection rates in the market. Most of the time, malware or other malicious codes would be blocked, even before it could enter into the system. Kaspersky employs a safety net on your system, in which this safety net constantly monitor all system activities, namely your running system processes, running applications, and it even monitors your network traffic too. Whenever a threat is detected, it will be promptly blocked, nullifying the security breach instantaneously.

Kaspersky Internet Security

I confess – I’m a heavy internet user. In fact, I spend 90% of my time online, and I browse several thousands of websites on a daily basis, as that is the nature of my job. I find the Kaspersky Internet Security to be rather important to my daily work. Often, the security suite has managed to help me deter security breaches from the internet.

Like I have mentioned above, Kaspersky Internet Security automatically monitors your network traffic, in which the inbound and outbound network traffic would be scrutinized. Whenever it detects a virus signature, it would promptly block that particular data from being transmitted into your system – thus stopping the security breach dead on its tracks.

On a single day, Kaspersky Internet Security manages to help me block over 10+ security threats, and that is done automatically, without requiring me to lift a single finger!

Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard

One of the most interesting features found on Kaspersky Internet Security is the Virtual Keyboard. Now I know most of you don’t use this feature, personally, I use it daily, whenever I log into my email or other password accounts online.

Generally, the main security feature offered by the Virtual Keyboard is that this particular tool is used to stop keyloggers from capturing your key-strokes on your computer. Not that Kaspersky couldn’t detect keyloggers on your computer – but if one did infect your computer, by using the Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard, thus helps to keep the keylogger at bay, as clearly, whenever you key in your password using the Virtual Keyboard, the keylogger can’t detect the keys that you input on the virtual keyboard.

Parental Control for Websites and Software

The internet is a dangerous place – I know because I browse thousands of websites daily, and I recognize the threats that it pose. To tell you the truth, I have several kids at home, and I won’t want them to visit websites that are infected with malware – that would affect them and my work, as most likely, they will use my PC to browse the internet!

Kaspersky comes with a built-in feature that would allow you to systematically block malicious websites. Also, it comes with a parental control that would enable you to set password for specified software. This way, whenever you set a password to a piece of software that you would like to keep away from your children, this helps save you the headache of future security breaches in the process too.

Internet Security 2013 Kaspersky

Kaspersky ONE Universal

Well, judging by the fact that smartphones and other ultra-portable PC devices are increasing in the market – it makes logical sense to protect these devices from malware too. Now, Kaspersky too recognizes that smartphones are becoming increasing dominant in the market, and this is where they came up with something called Kaspersky ONE Universal.

Generally, the ONE Universal comes with the basic Kaspersky Internet Security suite, and it also grants you licenses to install Kaspersky antivirus on your smartphones or tablet PCs.

Once Kaspersky is installed on your devices, you can rest assure that it will give you 100% protection against malicious codes and other malware found on the internet.

Personally, I find the ONE Universal suite to be indispensable, as I own several smartphones and a tablet PC – installing and running the Kaspersky security suite on these devices give me a peace of mind whenever I log into my email or other password-sensitive websites.

Conclusion – Kaspersky Internet Security is 100% Recommended

The list of advantages in using Kaspersky security product can go on and on – as Kaspersky is a tremendously good software!

Surely, if you are searching for a versatile security software for your PC, Mac, smartphone, or even tablet PCs, you can’t go wrong with Kaspersky security suite. In fact, Kaspersky has you covered through its various products – you just need to know which product can meet your usage needs!

And as for me, I utilize the Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security, and ONE Universal, and my usage experience so far has been excellent – there’s no other security program in the market that can offer you performance and top-notch security detection rate in the market, other than Kaspersky!

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